We launched the first boutique NFT gallery in the middle-east.

The Shiny Museum's foundation has been set.

You’ll be able to access exclusive drops from renowned digital, collage, and 3D artists, photographers, and video creators. You will be able to purchase their limited-edition work using either crypto or credit card. The pieces made in collaboration with Shiny will be limited editions and mintable exclusively on our website.



We will create a 3D generative avatar that follows our museum theme.

Holders of our genesis pieces (150-180 editions across 4-7 drops) will get directly whitelisted and have access to free minting.

This pfp project will have its own dedicated roadmap that ties into the larger Shiny vision, so stay tuned for a special web-page on our site and more details about the drop.



We will create a tokenomics system around staking your avatar and genesis pieces.

Staking art will generate tokens, one will be $PAINT and another will stay undisclosed for now, to keep the generative drop a mystery.

Tokens generated with your pieces will be used to create new NFTs in the pfp series, and to buy into future drops.

We are exploring more uses for our tokens but are not announcing them for now to ensure your purchase decisions are informed and not based on crypto promises.



Your patron avatar can now be used as a virtual identity in 3D.

You have learned enough and have gathered enough art to open your own gallery.

The galleries will be generative NFTs. Traits will include layout, architectural style, construction materials, ambient sounds, and even location.

Picture a gallery inside a live volcano, or on an asteroid orbiting Saturn. This could be where you exhibit all your collected art.

We also want to give back to our community by using a portion of mint revenue and resale to acquire coveted digital art for the museum. More information will be revealed once the legal side of this matter is cleared up.



To be continued... roadmap 2.0

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