How to Create a New MetaMask Wallet

To create a MetaMask wallet, it’s best to start on their website. This way you ensure that the browser extension you’re about to download is legitimate.

Once there, click on Download Now and go through the installation steps.


When your extension is installed, you’ll be asked whether to import a wallet address or create a new one. Click Create a Wallet.


Accept the terms of use and choose a password for your wallet. You’ll now be shown your secret recovery phrase of 12 words. WRITE THESE DOWN. If you lose this secret phrase, you can lose access to your wallet forever, so we recommend writing it down on a piece of paper and storing it in a safe place.


On the next step, you’ll need to verify your secret phrase as it was given to you. This will also help ensure you wrote it down correctly.

Your wallet is now created and you can find your wallet address in the red square on the image below.


Now let’s quickly configure access to the Polygon network. First go to and search for Polygon in the search box.


Then click on Connect Wallet > Add To MetaMask and confirm the prompts in the MetaMask Popup.

And that’s all. You can withdraw MATIC from an exchange to this address and then use your wallet to buy NFTs on Shiny.

To make a purchase on mobile, go to the browser tab in your MetaMask menu and then navigate to