Our NFTs

We collaborate with creators to develop themed drops. Once the work is completed, we deploy the NFT metadata to the Polygon blockchain. The media files themselves are hosted on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) to ensure their perpetuity. Purchasing an NFT using MATIC will result in a minting cost, and a small gas fee in the order of a few cents.


How to buy an NFT

You can make purchases in MATIC or using your credit card. If you wish to buy with MATIC, you should first set up a crypto wallet and top it up with MATIC from an exchange. Using credit card doesn’t require a crypto wallet to make the initial purchase but will require one when you decide to collect your purchased NFT. Check this blog post to learn how to create a wallet.



Our NFTs will come with a royalty clause that gives a small percentage of resale value back to the artists and to Shiny to support our future projects. We will reinvest in the platform, in innovation, and in CSR initiatives that will keep growing the value of our collaborations. The artist cut allows our users to keep supporting their favorite creators even after the initial sale.

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